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QUIZ: Can you name the Trivia from The Princess Bride?

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What year was The Princess Bride released?
Who directed The Princess Bride?
Who played Westley?
Who played Buttercup?
Who played Inigo Montoya?
Who played Fezzik?
Who played Prince Humperdinck?
What football team's jersey is the grandson wearing?
What did Buttercup call Westley in the beginning of the film?
As you wish means..?
Westley's ship was attacked by whom?
How many years passed by after Westley went away and supposedly died?
Who is the sworn enemy of Florin?
Why did Vizzini hire Inigo and Fezzik?
Where does Fezzik come from?
What rhymes with 'No more rhymes, now. I mean it!'
What infests the water that Buttercup jumps into?
The grandson wasn't nervous, but he may have been a bit...what?
What does Fezzik have to climb up?
Who has really good arms?
What word does Vizzini keep using?
What does Inigo have to swear before the Man in Black trusts him?
How old was Inigo when his father died and he challenged the six-fingered man?
Name one of the four fencing techniques talked about between the Man in Black and Inigo.
What does the Man in Black say Fezzik should dream about?
What does the Man in Black challenge Vizzini to?
What exactly does the Man in Black put into the wine glasses?
Where does Vizzini say iocane come from?
What glass does Vizzini say he will drink from?
Name one of the three terrors of the Fire Swamp?
In the Fire Swamp, what is actually quite lovely?
What was the name of the Dread Pirate Roberts who preceded Westley?
How many years has the real Dread Pirate Roberts been retired?
Where does the Albino say Westley is?
What is Westley tortured with?
What were the 'last words' the king spoke when he 'died'?
After the first torture session, how many years of Westley's life had been sucked away?
How many men will guard the palace gate on the day of the wedding?
What does the Prince sharpen his dagger on?
Who does Fezzik try to help jog their memory?
What does M.L.T. stand for?
How much does Inigo have to pay for a miracle?
What is the only thing you can do when someone is all dead according to Miracle Max?
to blave means..?
What is Miracle Max's wife's name?
What coating makes the pill go down easier?
What does Max respond to Valerie's 'Think it'll work?'
What phrase does Inigo keep repeating to Count Rugen?
How many times has Count Rugen wounded Inigo (including when he was little)?
Instead of 'To the Death', what does Westley say?
What is the final line of the movie?

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