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Forced Order
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Who ran away from a fight?
Who says that the psalms are depressing?
Who does Sir Galahad think is gay?
What does a Peasant say the witch turned him into?
What does the dead collector say?
What bird might be able to carry a coconut?
How old is Dennis?
Who gave Arthur his sword?
Who does Dennis say gave Arthur his sword?
Who is the prince of Swamp Castle?
How many castle has the King of Swamp Castle put up?
What is the bridgekeeper's first question?
What is the bridgekeeper's second question?
Who is asked what the capital of Assyria is?
What is Galahad's favorite color?
Who is not asked any questions?
Who is invincible?
We are the Knights who say.....?
What is the shrubber's name?
What does Princess Lucky have?
Name one of the three knights who were supposed to leap from the wooden rabbit
How many people have the Robinsons' lost?
When is the dead collector's next round?
What do you burn apart from witches?
What does the King of Swamp Castle try to ban the prince from doing?
Who reads the last words of Joseph of Aramathea?
Who suffers from a fatal heart attack?
'You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with....?'
What is Zoot's sister's name?
According to a french soldier your mother is a...?
According to a french soldier your father smelt of.....?

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