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QUIZ: Can you name the Harry Potter Spells A-Z?

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Can you name all the spells?Spellsletter
produces water from the wanda
puts the target in a deep artificial sleepb
causes the target to be confusedc
causes an object to split or breakd
causes something to become several times largere
causes ugly boils to cover the person cursedf
transforms the victims tongue to run into a hornh
used to control the actions of a personi
causes the victims legs to wobble like jellyj
causes knitting needles to knit by themselvesk
spell dangles the target by their anklie in the airl
Can you name all the spells?Spellsletter
fills the ears of those around the castor with a buzzing noisem
used to put out the light from the lumos spelln
causes the victim to lose most of their memoryo
used to turn an object into a portkeyp
used to coutner the spell sonorus and makes the voice softerq
blasts away the target objectr
used to cleans
wipes off the target substancet
makes an object unbreakableu
causes the object to levitatew

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