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Mario's QuestionsAnswer
The city my nephew was born in
My niece who now helps me at the villa
My brother's profession
The jerk who killed my brother and two of my nephews
Mario's QuestionsAnswer
My sister-in-law gave a nice cape to my nephew after he collected these for her
The language I speak at home
The facial feature I have which bullies tease me about
Family friend who likes inventing things
Mario's QuestionsAnswer
The leader of the Florentine Courtesans who 'trained' my nephew to blend in
The town where my nephew killed Vieri de' Pazzi
My nephew defended this man from Francesco de' Pazzi in front of the Duomo
My nephew gets very annoyed by these innocent civilians
Mario's QuestionsAnswer
My nephew got this cape before leaving Florence
The powerful woman my nephew rescued in Romagna
The family friend I mentioned moved to a workshop in this city in 1480
I like this one- this machine helped my nephew infiltrate the Palazzo Duchale
Mario's QuestionsAnswer
My nephew was annoyed when I told him he had to go back to everywhere he had been to collect these
Nasty pope who my nephew spared
The first civilisation lady who spoke through my nephew to some idiota called Desmond
The brother of the Italian plumber who shares the same name as me

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