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Can you name the Teeny, tiny battles that changed the course of the American Revolution??

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Circumstances:Which one?
This 1781 battle destroyed Cornwallis' left wing and sealed the legend of Daniel Morgan.
The Overmountain Men crept up this hill on a rainy October day in 1780, absolutely annihilating virtually the entire Loyalist contingent in Cornwallis' army.
Militia under Gen.Sumter finally stood up to Tarleton here in Nov. 1780, the Patriots learning he was NOT invincible on the field.
If Davie and Sumter's Militia could've stayed sober and finished off the British here, the disaster at Camden may never have taken place 10 days later.
It was just local folks trying to protect their powder magazines from seizure. Who, that day, knew how these tiny skirmishes would change the world?
This battle kept the British from resupplying its army in Philadephia just long enough for Washington's troops to make it safely to Valley Forge.
Many historians say that George Rogers Clark's success here set the stage for the Americans gaining the Old Northwest and doubling its original size by the Treaty of Paris.
Here a large force of Tory Militia mistook Light Horse Harry's dragoons as Tarleton's legion and were defeated before they could link up with Cornwallis' army at Guilford CH.
Cornwallis nearly trapped an entire Continental Army under Wayne & Lafayette here, perhaps making sure Yorktown never happened!
Col. Wm. Washington's routing of Tories so close to Ninety Six got Cornwallis' worried enough to detach Tarleton towards Morgan, thus, the end game of the war began.
Circumstances:Which one?
The Patriot win here proved the Tories could not hold interior GA (or any backcountry this far inland) without full British Regular support.
This climactic confrontation resulted in the withdrawl of the remaining British soldiery in the Carolina Backcountry into Charleston for the remainder of the war.
Whether or not Tarleton was at fault in this massacre, the result was 'Tarleton's Quarter!', the rallying cry of the backcountry Patriots for the rest of the war.
An ill-advised Hessian expedition to flush out the Green Mtn Boys was the first in a chain of defeats leading to Burgoyne's surender at Saratoga.
Patriot defeat here so early in the war made certain there would only be 13 rebellious colonies, not 14.
Greene and Morgan both may have been captured by Corwallis at this battle, where the gallant Gen. Davidson fell in a desperate delaying action.
A Patriot loss in this NC swamp and the Revolution in the South may have fizzled just as it was starting.
Arnold's false intelligence tricked St Leger, commanding Burgoyne's entire relief force, into lifting the siege here and returning to Canada.
This SC militia victory came at a crucial time after nothing but defeat since Charleton was taken.
This 1781 siege culminated in Spain taking West Florida from England, after years of repeated American defeats in trying to take the Eastern colony.

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