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BeginningEndWho said it (words)
I rip it, hardcore . . . Inspectah Deck (4)
For any MC in any 52 states . . . ODB (6)
Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut . . . ODB (6)
I be tossin and flossin, my style is awesome . . . RZA (7)
I grew up on the crime side . . . Raekwon (5)
Super freak physique, like Raphael Saadiq . . .U-God (10)
Murderous rhymes tight . . .GZA (3)
Mo tried to be down with OPP, ain't nothin wrong . . .Ghostface Killah (8)
My hip-hop will rock and shock the nation . . .U-God (4)
BeginningEndWho said it (words)
Armed and geared, cuz I just broke out the prison . . . Inspectah Deck (8)
Hazardous, cuz I wrecked this, dangerous . . . Ghostface Killah (6)
This technique attacks the immune system . . .Masta Killa (7)
Throw your **** drawers in a hamper . . . GZA (8)
Hey, yo, camouflage chameleon, ninjas scalin your buildin . . .RZA (13)
What goes off, what goes on, the Meth **** . . .Method Man (9)
Day one, yo, growin all up in the ghetto . . .Raekwon (8)
Emotion, runnin through your down street vicinity . . .Method Man (8)

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