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Longest song
Shortest song
Name the album with Nietzsche, Godless and Get Off on it
Name the album with We Used To Be Friends on it
Great song which starts with **** prayer warble
What is on the banana which is on one of the album covers?
Name the song: I am alone But adored by 100,000 more
Name the song: Hey I've been thinkin' I've been thinkin' about nothin' yeah Now I've been thinkin' about nothin' to do and nothin' but thinkin'
Name the song: Oh man, its not fair To all the other boys caught in your bleach-job hair
When did the band form?
*Blank* is so passé
Song featured on a Vodafone advert
Finish the lyric: Any time, baby let's go... (next six words)
I guess it's fair if he always pays the rent And he doesn't get all bent About sleeping... (next six words)
Franz Ferdinand song with a German title

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