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Their most listened song on YouTube
Their second most listened song on YouTube
Their third most listened song on YouTube
Year Blood Sugar Sex Magik came out
Year Californication came out
Year By The Way came out
Year Stadium Arcadium came out
Number of songs on Stadium Arcadium
Three-worded songs (excluding Snow)
Longest song
Shortest song on BTW
Shortest title of any song
Second shortest title
Third shortest title (excluding Snow)
Music the great communicator…
One-word and two-word songs beginning with S
Songs with 'Universe' or a planet in the title
Should of been/could of been/Would of been dead…
Operatic by voice/A fanatic by choice/Aromatic is the flower…
I walk through her hills/'Cause she knows who I am/She sees my good deeds…
I love all of you/Hurt by the cold…
I am just a lousy bum/Searching for the unknown crumb…
Bless your heart girl/Kill the pressure it's raining on…
Some come up and some come young…
Quixoticelixer might/But it will probably not fix your bite…
Can I smell your gasoline/Can I pet your wolverine/On the day my best friend died...
I’m an inbred and a pothead…
I know you said you don't believe/In god do you still disagree/Now that it's time for you to leave...
And if I give to you my sacred sigh You got it…
When I pick up on that smell…
Every night I go looking for you…
Tedious weeds that the media breeds…
My shadow side so amplified/Keeps coming back dissatisfied…
First word of Otherside
FWO Turn It Again
FWO Slow Cheetah
FWO Parallel Universe
FWO Porcelain
FWO Desecration Smile
Song with six letters beginning with C
FWO C'mon Girl
FWO 21st Century
Red liquid Sweet powder Rumpy-pumpy Abracadabra
This song is an anagram of 'PITT'
Song in which the chorus is sung exclusively by John Frusciante
Song which has police sirens/ambulance sirens near the beginning
NAME THE SONG FROM THE LYRICS: We can dance like Iggy Pop
I heard a little girl And what she said was something beautiful
I'll make it to the *blank* if I have to crawl
Let's go get lost
First line of chorus of Dosed
Sleeping next to you And I’m in your dream
Who knew the other side of you
Answer is the backwards initials of the song with 'Working the belle du monde' in it
Our girl is gone God bless her little soul
Song name of 'Where love is your only friend and We are the ones'
I'm slow to finish but I'm quick to start
Not too sure but I know that's it's meant to be And that it's meant to be
NOW TAME IMPALA QUIZ: Longest Tame Impala song
Shortest Tame Impala 'song' lol
Initials of the song with the most words in the title
Name of Tame Impala's first album/EP
Song with nice high bit which is just so good
One-word song titles
Now my only company's a…
Pulled pork sandwich song
Song with: I'm the one who had your babies
You will never know how hard I try To keep from waning while waiting at the start
Said the voice from afar…
He pulled the mirrors off his Cadillac 'cause…
Second shortest song

From the Vault

Phonetic Beatles Songs

by Handle1

Music 7m
The Beatles like you've never seen them before.

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