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Can you name the military aircraft used in World War II?

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US heavy bomber; most produced US military aircraft in history
US heavy bomber; dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
US fighter with a distinctive twin-boom design
US escort fighter; principal fighter used in Europe
US light observation/liaison/trainer aircraft; popular civilian aircraft also used by the military
US naval fighter; most kills of any naval fighter in history
US naval fighter; along with above, main fighter in the Pacific
US carrier-based dive bomber; sank 4 carriers at Midway
US torpedo bomber; some disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle
US multi-role 'flying boat'
British fighter; iconic aircraft of the Battle of Britain
British fighter; actually had more kills in the Battle of Britain than above
British medium bomber; most-produced British bomber of the war
British heavy bomber; gained fame in 'Dambuster' raids
British wooden fast bomber/night fighter/observation aircraft
Japanese land-based fighter; shot down more Allies than any other
Japanese main land-based bomber
Japanese naval fighter; dominant in the early war
Japanese dive bomber in early years; saw action at Pearl Harbor
Japanese torpedo bomber; sank the Lexington, Hornet, and Yorktown
German fighter; most-produced fighter ever
German fighter; mostly replaced the above in the late war
German fighter; first jet-powered fighter aircraft in the world
German dive bomber; iconic aircraft of the Blitzkrieg
German multi-role medium bomber/night fighter; most produced German bomber
Soviet attack aircraft; known for its antitank role; most produced military aircraft ever
Soviet fighter; most numerous Soviet fighter
Soviet low-altitude fighter; matched German fighters on the Eastern Front
Soviet medium bomber and dive bomber; main twin-engine Soviet bomber
Soviet utility biplane; used for transport, supply, and night raids

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