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Can you name the suggested completions on Wikipedia for each of the following phrases?

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Battle of...
1940 (WWII) 
1944-5 (WWII) 
1940 (WWII) 
1863 (US Civil War) 
1815 (Napoleonic Wars) 
1916 (WWI) 
1939-45 (WWII) 
1945 (WWII) 
1862 (US Civil War) 
1942-3 (WWII) 
Treaty of...
1919 (after WWI) 
1848 (after Mexican American War) 
1920 (after WWI) 
1783 (after American Revolution) 
2007 (amends Maastricht Treaty) 
1763 (after Seven Years' War) 
1713 (after War of Spanish Succession) 
1802 (after War of Second Coalition) 
1918 (during WWI) 
1840 (in New Zealand) 
Unification of...
1870 (under Victor Emmanuel II) 
1871 (under Kaiser Wilhelm I) 
1932 (under Abdulaziz Ibn Saud) 
1885 (under Prince Alexander I) 
927 (under Æthelstan) 
1956 (then known as Mysore State) 
872 (under Harald Fairhair) 
1769 (under Prithvi Narayan Shah) 
Assassination of...
1963 (American politician) 
1865 (American politician) 
1914 (Austro-Hungarian heir) 
1968 (American politician) 
1968 (American activist) 
44 BCE (Roman politician/general) 
1901 (American politician) 
2007 (Pakistani politician) 
1995 (Israeli politician) 
1994 (presidents of Rwanda and Burundi) 
Edict of...
1598 (Henry IV of France) 
313 (Constantine I and Licinius) 
1685 (Louis XIV of France) 
1290 (Edward I of England) 
1521 (HRE Charles V) 
1629 (HRE Ferdinand II) 
1839 (Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid I) 
380 (Theodosius I, Gratian, and Valentinian II) 
1685 (Frederick William of Brandenburg) 
Invasion of...
1939 (by Germany/USSR) 
1944 (by USA/UK/Canada/Free French) 
2003 (by USA) 
1941 (by Germany/Italy/Hungary) 
1983 (by USA) 
1990 (by Iraq) 
1943 (by USA/UK/Canada) 
1775 (by Continental Army) 
1945 (by USA/Australia) 

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