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Game DescriptionGame NameOther Meaning
Sequel to the arcade classic, replaces dots with keys for some reasonA guy who gives a lot of money to a big campaign fund
Critically acclaimed PS2 title which features riding, climbing, and stabbingWhere someone in Rhodes might go to beat the heat
Bioware role-playing sequel with a smaller world than the firstSmaug's birthday candles at his most 'terrible'
NES classic which is 'really rad,' while the enemy creatures are 'really bad'A tale told of Sabrina the Teenage Witch's smarter aunt
Popular Wii rhythm game which actually omits the titular songLady Gaga's first hit song, finally included in the series' 5th entry
Prehistoric-themed survival horror game from Capcom, Resident Evil with raptorsAn apt description for the second half of Jurassic Park, plus the sequels
Sequel starring Rare's famous duo, saving the land from a skeletal witchFolksy stringed instrument owned by Wally Cleaver's nearsighted friend (h)
Tactical shooter based on the work of a thriller author, spawned a franchiseThat same thriller author was ahead of the curve dropping indigo from the spectrum
Will Wright's metropolitan masterpieceA misspelling of a Frank Miller series, replacing prostitutes and violence with electrical grids and natural disasters
Epic adventure ported to Wii in which you can play as a wolf. No, not Zelda, the other oneWhat you might say in bed to a Soviet sympathizer whose name you don't know (h)
Nintendo life game where you might find friendly deer, talkative birds, and a greedy raccoonPlace on the road where you might find dead deer, scavenging birds, and a flattened raccoon
Microsoft-exclusive story-driven horror game, reminiscent of Twin PeaksWhat you say to X2's Nightcrawler to get him up in the morning
Lackluster 3DS launch title about submarinesAn aquatic athlete who probably can't get back out of the pool
Imaginative platformer home to levels such as 'Lungfishopolis' and 'The Milkman Conspiracy'Sailors of a ship named after mortal wife of Eros, or possibly for a Hitchcock movie of a similar name
Superhero sandbox involving electric powers and choices between good and evil, starring Cole MacGrath2006 film depicting Truman Capote as he wrote In Cold Blood, directed by Douglas McGrath
Game DescriptionGame NameOther Meaning
Uncharacteristically short Bethesda game centered around stealth in a steampunk worldWhat happened to Prince Zuko after his duel with his father
Deconstructive, time-bending platformer with explosive consequencesRemoved via lightsaber as a padawan becomes a knight
N64 photo safari where you'll see Pikachu, Snorlax, and the ever-elusive MewFood stamps for pocket monsters
Point and click adventure and Lucasfilm's first game, lets you microwave a hamsterAn appropriate way to describe some iterations of Batman's Arkham Asylum
Another adventure game, this one by Sierra. 'Graham watch out! A poisonous snake!'For Arthur, to find the Holy Grail; for Leonidas, to defeat the Persians
MSX/NES stealth game with some amusing translation issuesA redundant name for a machine component, since most are made of the titular material
First in a racing series that rewards driving dangerously. But not crashing, that just makes you lose because of the timerGreen Day song off of Dookie, and probably describes some of the band's fans too
Surprisingly good Wii outing for the blue blur, before Sega inevitably ruined it again a few years laterUtter nonsense. The second word refers to part of the light spectrum, and the first is a different type of wave entirely
Iconic PC shooter set on Mars and in Hell, 90s shooters were its clonesSurname of a Fantastic villain. No clones, just a bunch of robot duplicates
Hack and slash all the demons. Somehow, this started as a Resident Evil gameWhat Satan might do if he stubs his toe or you insult his favorite band
Yoga, aerobics, and a bulky accessory, perfect for the casual crowd__________s pretty much anywhere because it's so compact, just don't let it overheat
Capcom's futuristic ninja game with many sequelsAragorn, or the surname of Homestuck's coolkids
Innovative Wii game starring a scorpion, a tarantula, and...Civil War gold?The entire animal population of Australia. Also, cows, statistically
Action-RPG starring one of the Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseDarth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, Darth Maul, etc.
Nintendo puzzle game featuring falling pills and a catchy soundtrackLikely the name of many Italian physicians

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