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Can you name the figures of the Hasbro Star Wars Saga Collection?

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SAGA-001Return of the Jedi
SAGA-002Return of the Jedi
SAGA-003Return of the Jedi
SAGA-004Return of the Jedi
SAGA-005Return of the Jedi
SAGA-006Return of the Jedi
SAGA-007Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-008Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-009Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-010Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-011Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-012Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-013Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-014Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-015Attack of the Clones
SAGA-016Attack of the Clones
SAGA-017Attack of the Clones
SAGA-018Attack of the Clones
SAGA-019Attack of the Clones
SAGA-020Attack of the Clones
SAGA-021Republic Commando
SAGA-022Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-023Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-024Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-025Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-026Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-027Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-028Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-029Clone Wars
SAGA-030Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-031A New Hope
SAGA-032A New Hope
SAGA-033A New Hope
SAGA-034A New Hope
SAGA-035A New Hope
SAGA-036A New Hope
SAGA-037A New Hope
SAGA-038Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-039Return of the Jedi
SAGA-040Return of the Jedi
SAGA-041Return of the Jedi
SAGA-042Return of the Jedi
SAGA-043Return of the Jedi
SAGA-044Return of the Jedi
SAGA-045Return of the Jedi
SAGA-046Return of the Jedi
SAGA-047The Phantom Menace
SAGA-048The Phantom Menace
SAGA-049The Phantom Menace
SAGA-050The Phantom Menace
SAGA-051The Phantom Menace
SAGA-052The Phantom Menace
SAGA-053Expanded Universe (prior to The Phantom Menace)
SAGA-054Empire Strikes Back
SAGA-055Clone Wars
SAGA-056Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-057Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-058Return of the Jedi
SAGA-059Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-060Attack of the Clones
SAGA-061Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-062Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-063Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-064Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-065Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-066Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader
SAGA-067Attack of the Clones
SAGA-068Revenge of the Sith
SAGA-069The Phantom Menace
SAGA-070The Bounty Hunters
SAGA-071A New Hope
SAGA-072A New Hope
SAGA-073A New Hope
SAGA-074Clone Wars

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