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Forced Order
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A general whose leadership freed the northern parts of South America from Spanish rule in the early 19th century
South American Indian people that established one of the largest and wealthiest empires in America.
A Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs in 1521
The exchange of goods between Europe and its colonies in North and South America
Haitian leader who helped banish slavery from Haiti in 1801.
Last ruler of the Inca Empire from 1531 to 1533 and was emperor when the Incas were conquered by Pizarro
A Priest that urged for Mexican independence from Spain and is known as the 'Father of Mexican Independence'
The Spanish conquistador who defeated the Inca Empire in 1534
The Spanish word for conqueror; the term refers to the first Europeans who entered a region for the purpose of forcing the native peoples out and settling in the area
The Aztec emperor from 1502 and 1519 and was emperor when the Aztecs were conquered by Cortes
Native American people who build an empire in Mexico that thrived during the 1400s and early 1500s

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