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Hint5-letter Word
🌟 Maximus or Bullseye 🌟
Thorny evergreen shrub
🌟 Mother or Gus 🌟
🌟 Morris the Midget 🌟
🌟 Mickey or Miss Bianca 🌟
Stir to action
Driver's course
Massive defeats
Boxing matches
They're used with nuts
Cotton seed pods
🌟 Ferdinand and friends 🌟
🌟 'Mine? Mine. Mine!' characters 🌟
Water-cut ditch
Tarnish one's reputation
Moody and uncooperative
Pouts in the corner
Drinks through a straw
🌟 Donald and Darkwing 🌟
Dips a cookie in milk
Hint5-letter Word
Desert sand drifts
Citizens of Denmark
Takes a chance
Reveals all
Causes to yawn
Packing necessity
🌟 Robin and Tod 🌟
Roman V's
Note smaller than a ten
Flowing waterway
Split asunder
🌟 Evil Queen's sidekick 🌟
Wild dance party participant
Fast car or bicycle
Potato press
More kind
West African republic
🌟 Rajah or Shere Khan 🌟
Hourglass or stopwatch
Hint5-letter Word
Less wild
Makes docile
Metal-threaded fabrics
🌟 'Sheepish Lion' singers 🌟
Arms and legs
Sketches an outline
🌟 Prince John and Simba 🌟
🌟 Becky and friends 🌟
Gives temporarily
Isn't quite neutral
The musical fruit
🌟 Baloo and Little John 🌟
🌟 Pumba and his male relatives 🌟
Rises to great heights
Twinkling night lights
Prolonged look
Divide among a group
🌟 Bruce or Undertow 🌟
Severe in appearance
🌟 Deliverer of Dumbo 🌟

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