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Can you name the 5-letter words to complete this themed ladder?

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Hint5-Letter Word
♫ Ball room style ♫
Disney and Whitman, e.g.
Vertical brick structures
Water access points
Church tower ringers
♫ Middle Eastern style (with last) ♫
Male goat
Of an undulating landscape
Christmas berry
Like swiss cheese
♫ Kid's style (with next) ♫
♫ Kid's style (with prev) ♫
Prods with a finger
Metal rods
Blanches white
Coffin cloths
Buckets for carrying seashells
Wind catchers
Makes the sign of the cross over
Twirls in circles
Hint5-Letter Word
Boars and sows
♫ Jazz style ♫
Broken arm support
Brief affair
Fire-lighting rock
Pass out
Spotted horse
Hocks for money
Baby deer
Lustful gods, half goat, half man
Partner of flora
Steam bath
Type of leaf-cutter ant
♫ Brazilian-African style ♫
Deadly African reptile
♫ Latin American style ♫
Swahili greeting
Door supports
Baby sheep
Tree branches
Hint5-Letter Word
Margarita need
Queues in the US
Long-bodied edible fishes
Jargon of a group
Beatles Starr
Depp's Western chameleon
♫ 'It takes two' for this style ♫
They hold haft to blade
Salad picker-uppers
Polynesian kingdom
♫ Everybody form a line! ♫
African river
One of two paired hand drums
Hookahs on the street
Legal agreements
Decompression sickness
Leanings or inclinations
Car's hail damage
Italian tooth
Author of Inferno
♫ Follow the theme ♫

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