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Can you name the 4-Letter words to complete this U-shaped* word ladder? *Note: Ladder goes top to bottom on the left, then straight across, and bottom to top on the right. (Clues are numbered.)

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Hint4-Letter Word
⚡ 1. Covetous feeling ⚡
2. Reference book (abbr.)
3. 'Attached' for snail mail (abbr.)
4. Organic (hydroxyl) compound
5. Enough (archaic or poetic)
6. What makes a Christmas 'white'
7. Reduce speed
8. Steady radiance
9. Grab or latch (onto)
10. Moody or melancholic
⚡ 11. Overabundance of ⚡
12. Joint inflammation (esp. in feet)
↪ 13. Promote strongly ↪
Hint4-Letter Word
⚡ 26. This ladder contains 3 of 7 Deadly ones ⚡
25. Basks on the beach
24. Bread rolls for burgers
23. Baseball hit without a swing
22. Head and shoulders (sculpture)
⚡ 21. Self-indulgent desire ⚡
20. In need of direction
19. Mail in the UK
18. Small bunch of flowers
17. Small horse
⚡ 16. Theatrical award ⚡
15. British Conservative party
↩ 14. Civil wrong ↩

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