Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Healing Transformation (6-Letter)

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Can you name the 6-Letter words to complete this word ladder?

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☹ Shattered ☹
Agent (e.g. in real estate or stocks)
Person who arranges a theater schedule
Attractive person (e.g. He's a real ____)
Secure storage compartment at a gym
Small metal case worn on a necklace
Hand-sized bag sewn into pants' seams
Pointed or sharpened stake
Selected or chosen
As full of people as possible
Stopped and left a car in a lot
Regained cheerfulness (with up)
Pointed (as a mountain)
Rang out (as of bells)
Closed with wax or glue
Cooked quickly with intense heat
Chose not to destroy or harm
Bowling scores second only to strikes
Stress resistant reproductive bodies
Hybrid utensils for eating soup or salad
Ghosts or undercover agents
Round cores for holding wound thread
Three-legged, backless seats
Bends forward to lower head
Sharpens a razor or knife
Long, narrow pieces of fabric
Line or streak of a different colour
What Aussies speak (slang)
A long twisted piece of thread
☺ Hard to damage ☺

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