Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: A Pirate's Life for Me

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Avast ye lubbers! Name the 3-letter words 'n this here ladder, or ye'll be walkin' the plank!

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Hint [pirate commentary]3-Letter Word
☠ The 'pirate' sound [yeah, okay] ☠
Upper limb [oft ends in a hook]
Target [point yer cannon]
Sicken [grog'll cure that]
None [not a chance]
Baby louse [good fer picking]
Smidgen [eight make a dollar]
Flying mammal [straight outta hell]
☠ Saloon [watering hole] ☠
Cold sound [shiver me timbers!]
Hockey star [roll yer Rs]
Smidgen [clean yer plate!]
Not in [sleepin' off the grog]
Place or set [plunk it down]
Tavern [watering hole, with food]
Chafe [aye, there t'is]
Fermented sugarcane [grog]
Male sheep [good battle tactic]
Long-tailed rodent [not bad eatin']
Adipose [blubber's useful]
☠ Not near [way out yonder] ☠
Dense hair [wool's waterproof]
Mongrel [mangy old mutt]
Drinking vessel [good fer grog]
Consume [wet yer whistle]
Tree fluid [or a simpleton]
Hint [pirate commentary]3-Letter Word
Void [mind it or land in the drink]
☠ Pike-like fish [also good eatin'] ☠
Paddle relative [row the dingy]
Blunderer [the buffoon!]
Not on [setting sail]
Frequent [many a time]
Young newt [squirmy thing]
Consume food [whene'er you can]
Head covering [cap'n wears one]
Preserved pork [delicious!]
Spreadable fruit [good fer scurvy]
☠ Glass container [grog holder] ☠
Armed conflict [hit-n-run's my motto]
Pale and pasty [grog'll cure that]
Triumph [get the treasure]
Juniper liquor [good grog]
Concert [job at hand]
Lively dance [on the table]
Triangular sail [fer extra speed]
Thrust [me best sword move]
Mandible [chew the fat]
Animal's mouth [shut yer trap!]
☠ Damage [the open sea] ☠
Auditory organ [eh? can't hear you]
Blunder [I'm only human]
Prior to [before you go…]
Hint [pirate commentary]3-Letter Word
Optic organ [me patch's all fer show]
Favorable vote [YES Captain, Sir!]
Pale beer [weak grog]
Entirety [the whole crew]
Length unit [anchor chain measure]
Snake-like fish [good eatin']
Hair product [fer city dandies]
Woman [one in every port]
Blather [spin a yarn]
Bar bill [even a thief'll pay]
☠ Road sealer [old sailor] ☠
Rocky peak [fer land lubbers]
In favor of [no vote, cap'n decides]
Low cloud [hides yer approach]
Canine [salty old sailor]
Shovel [bury yer treasure deep]
Pass away [leave this mortal coil]
Falsehood [bed a lady]
Sheltered side [outta the wind]
Visualize [match a bet]
Female [a good ship]
Bashful [short a few bits]
Reason [don't ask questions!]
Course [a pirate's creed]
Hooray! [never show enthusiasm]
☠ Agile (var.) [good ship trait] ☠

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