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Can you name in the 4-letter words missing from these Gordon Lightfoot lyrics to complete this word ladder?*

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LyricMissing WordSong Title
'There was no man could offer me a ____ hand from New [last rung]'[FIRST] Hands from New [LAST]
'Gotta get this wheel back on the track; I can't ____ on, but I can't let go'Boss Man
'The last time I ____ her hand'The Last Time I Saw Her
'Clouds are gathering o'er my ____'Ribbon of Darkness
'Step inside the tent, said she, I'd like to ____ your palm'The Gypsy
'When the green, dark forest was too silent to be ____'Canadian Railroad Trilogy
'Now I ain't had a home cooked ____, and Lord I need one now'Steel Rail Blues
'She's a hard loving woman, got me feeling ____'Sundown
'I have seen the strong survive and I have seen the ____ grown weak'Don Quixote
'I'm gonna get me a smiling angel to ____ me home'Rich Man's Spiritual
'With a ____ of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
'They saw an iron ____ running from the sea to the sea'Canadian Railroad Trilogy
'Around the blue Pacific he did ____'Ode to Big Blue
'The snow is softly falling; the air is still in the silence of my ____'Song for a Winter's Night
'Trees are her disguise; Cones are taking ____ before my eyes'Knotty Pine
'It's two for one, mister ____ 'n holler; gotta make a dollar'Lazy Mornin'
'The impossible believers and the heavenly ____'Make Way for the Lady
'Cause if you don't say may I, then I'll get you with the ____'May I
'And the big steel rail gonna carry me ____ to the one I love'Steel Rail Blues
'When first I did ____ down where the land meets the sea'Crossroads
'When the gales of November ____ early'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
'Then I saw the sunrise above a cotton sky, like a candy____ delight'Wherefore and Why
'You ____ jump a jet plane, like you can a freight train'Early Morning Rain
'I ____ to hear it from one who should know how it is'I ____ To Hear It From You
'I'm movin' on; I ____ think of you when I'm gone'For Lovin' Me
'I've got something to say, ____ you stand in my way'____ Beat Me Down
'Alimony, palimony, puts a ____ in me'Morning Glory
'I'm ____ but not broken, all I need is some rest'Blackberry Wine
'Trade what you can, for a Red Man's grave down in Cherokee ____'Cherokee ____
'A one man ____ on a one night stand'I'd Do It Again
'And the soul of Motor City is bared across the ____'Black Day in July
'I'd rather be in mosquito alley, out of my right hand ____'Boathouse
'Too fine a time to stand in ____'Bend in the Water
'What do you say? I gotta get you alone in the ____ some day'Boss Man
'When the world gets too heavy and the shadows cross my ____'Brave Mountaineers
'I heard the morning train, I felt the ____ change'Wherefore and Why
'Deep as the sea and as ____ as the weather'____ Strawberries
'And to an old forgotten soldier the dawn ____ come no more'Home From the Forest
'But it lingered on long after she'd gone, I remember it ____'Affair on 8th Avenue
'If you could read my mind, love, what a tale my thoughts could ____'If You Could Read My Mind
'Like a ____ oak tree alone and crying'The Way I Feel
'The mermaids have all gone to Davy Jones' ____'Triangle
'There's foxes and hares in traps and in snares, and lots of ____ eagles'Sea of Tranquility
'Standing like a prophet ____, he shouts across the ocean to the shore'Don Quixote
'And when I get my slippers of ____, then the Lord will have my soul'Rich Man's Spiritual
'I'm gonna sing you a ____bye song'Oh, Linda
'Harsh nights and candlelights, ____fires blazing'Pussywillows, Cat-tails
'Last night she gave the final ____'I'll Be Alright
'We are the navvies who ____ upon the railway'Canadian Railroad Trilogy
'There was no man could offer me a [first rung] hand from New ____'[FIRST] Hands from New [LAST]

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