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Hint5-Letter Word
⚡ What committing a deadly sin is ⚡
To twist and squeeze to remove water
To take someone with you
Salt saturated water
Woman about to be married
⚡ One of the Seven Deadly Sins ⚡
The cost of something
To pierce lightly with a sharp point
A sudden pain (in the neck)
Thick earthenware pot for cooking stew
Deep harsh or rough sound
Person of a South Slavic ethnicity
Four-penny coin
Remarkably skilled
To welcome at the door
Hint5-Letter Word
⚡ One of the Seven Deadly Sins ⚡
Statement of basic beliefs
Members of a First Nation tribe in Canada
Leafy green vegetable used in salads
Rude and insensitive
To attend a party without invitation
To look ugly together (as colors)
To reduce prices by a lot
To move in a noisy way (a liquid)
⚡ One of the Seven Deadly Sins ⚡
Truth or reality
A small area enclosed for privacy (as a phone)
Liquid in which meat has been cooked
Intensely angry
⚡ One of the Seven Deadly Sins ⚡

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