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Can you name the words that complete these connected word ladders? (See game note.)

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Hint: 3-Letter WordAnswerHint: 4-Letter Word
▶▶ A felon ▶▶◀◀ Wick or cord for lighting an explosive ◀◀
Able toErato was one for poetry
Enthusiastic devoteeOffspring of a horse and a donkey
Not nearTo ponder or think about (with over)
Type of coniferous tree (e.g. Douglas ___)Large complex containing a variety of stores
Earth's atmosphereLetters delivered by the postal system
Help or assistTrack for a train
Halfway acrossSudden assault or attack
▶▶ Management Information Systems (abbr.) ▶▶◀◀ Produced eggs (as a hen) ◀◀
Bro's female siblingSolid portions between the oceans
To drink slowly in tiny amountsTo loan something to someone
Sticky resin from a treePeriod between Ash Wednesday and Easter
Once around the trackFor fear that
▶▶ A community's official system of rules ▶▶◀◀ Opposite of more ◀◀
A cat's footSediment at the bottom of the wine barrel
A small slab of butterUntruths or falsehoods
Sewer dwelling rodentDesserts made with a fruit filling in a pastry shell
A male sheepHaving two colors (usually describing animals)
▶▶ Beverage from fermented sugarcane ▶▶◀◀ Asked or begged for something ◀◀
To regretVehicle made for gliding on snow
Expected to happen at a certain timeRipened plant ovule
The 4th letter of the alphabetObserved or espied
Moisture on the grass in the morningGoofy reindeer from Disney's Frozen
To cut with an axeNot odd (in math)
▶▶ The H that goes with the five Ws ▶▶◀◀ At any time or all the time ◀◀
A pig (or a blanket thief)Water jug shaped like a vase
Section of a felled tree trunkSeveral female sheep
To fall behindNeeds to pay back
On the ___ (running from the law)Nocturnal birds with talons
Structure for holding back flowing waterLubricates
Not bright or clearSmooth or greasy
Loud confused noiseFull of clever tricks
Not lose or drawVery thin but strong
Sick or pale lookingCautious or untrusting
▶▶ Path or direction ▶▶◀◀ Section of a hospital ◀◀
State or assertA wizard's tool
Salty brown sauce from fermented beansIndirectly move from here to there
Father's boyTake care of
A great quantity or large amountCamping shelter set up with poles
▶▶ Sun darkened skin ▶▶◀◀ Polite or helpful man (short form) ◀◀

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