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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete these animal-themed word ladders?

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♬ Housecat sound ♬ 
Multiple Reader One Writer acronym 
Hairy area above the eye 
Make beer or tea 
____ Rabbit (folklore character) 
South African of Dutch descent 
Wild pig 
♬ Wild cat sound ♬ 
Back end 
Not imaginary 
Loud ringing of bells 
Programming language 
A type of stitch in knitting 
♬ Content cat sound ♬ 
Young salmon found in freshwater 
Golf standards 
A common type of avocado 
♬ Scared cat sound ♬ 
♬ Dog sound ♬ 
Sell off the street by calling out 
Hems and ____ (hesitates) 
Methods of occurrence 
♬ Wild dog sound ♬ 
Container for holding soup 
Bubble due to heat 
Wind rope into circles 
Somewhat cold, not warm 
Sheep hair 
♬ Dog sound ♬ 
Wild dog that hunts in packs 
...Echo, Foxtrot, ____, Hotel... 
Chemical element with symbol Au 
Castrate (e.g. a horse) 
Had in the hand 
Aid or assist 
♬ Scared dog sound ♬ 
♬ Small bird sound ♬ 
Person who commits a crime (abbr.) 
Flippant and cocky 
Repressed (with up) 
Standard size of beer mug 
High sharp sound (used in sonar) 
Use your voice to produce music 
♬ Melodic bird sound ♬ 
Deep bell noise 
Hit one's head 
Use a car horn 
Curved tool for catching fish 
♬ Owl sound ♬ 
To shed feathers 
Important ingredient in beer 
Bring to a stop 
Corridor between rooms 
♬ Bird sound ♬ 

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