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Can you fill in these word ladders to reconnect Serenity's Crew?

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3-Letter Ladder
Serenity's Captain
(or 'bad' in Latin)
___ Tse-Tung (aka Chairman ___) 
Sound a cow makes 
Place to see animals 
Serenity's First Mate
(or Star Trek Actress ___ Saldana)
4-Letter Ladder
Serenity's Shepherd
(or something to read)
Strong dark beer 
Dorsal surface 
Johann Sebastian ____ (musician) 
To hit forcefully 
Serenity's Pilot
(or to clean up)
5-Letter Ladder #1
Serenity's Doctor
(or children's game _____ Says)
Pumbaa's meerkat friend 
_____ Leste (Oceanic Country) 
Device to boil the perfect egg 
Less wild 
Weaker in the legs 
A hen that produces eggs 
Person who writes a check 
Person who receives a check 
U.S. version of 'Fawlty Towers' 
Serenity's Mercenary
(or 1950's sex symbol _____ Mansfield)
5-Letter Ladder #2
Serenity's Psychic
(or a flowing body of water)
Splits forcefully into pieces 
Itchy allergic reaction 
High resolution (abbr.) 
Fathered a foal 
Tear into long thin strips 
Reared back in alarm 
Observed secretly 
Repeated sales pitch 
Flow over the edge 
A fragment of chipped stone 
Archaic form of 'will' 
Fine grained rock formed from silt 
To have in common 
Noose for catching rabbits 
Insituto Nacional de Recicladores (abbr.) 
Serenity's Companion
(or Hittite goddess of wild animals)

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