Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Marlin's Darlin'

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder to unlock the bonus story?

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Hint4-Letter Word
★ Disney/Pixar production: ★
Finding ____
Roman emperor with a fiddle
Geek with a single obsession
An oboe has a double one
★ Place where clownfish live: ★
coral ____
Wendy's 'Where's the ____?'
Root vegetable for borscht
Jackson: '____ It'
An usher shows you to it
Smack a fly
★ Used your fins to propel ★
yourself through water
A fake passed off as genuine
Wedge used to level gaps
★ Large sea-going vessel ★
Disney's ____ and Dale
Cut wood with an axe
Escape: 'Fly the ____'
Business abbr.
Bulb-like plant stem
Hint4-Letter Word
College living place
★ Small fishing boat; ★
or a forgetful blue fish
A tart or concubine
Non-cartilaginous (as in fish)
Habro: My Little ____
Nosegay; flower spray
Snail mail in the UK
★ Opposite of found ★
Tilt to the side, as a ship
'A ____ full of dollars'
★ Aquatic animals ★
with fins and scales
'____ upon a star'
Laundry detergent
One-eyed blink
Knit in reverse?
★ Large container for water ★
'You can take that to the ____'
Lay in the sun like a lizard
★ Protective covering ★
for the face and eyes
Hint4-Letter Word
Tall pole on a sailboat
Greater than half
Watery castle protection
Basics: '____ and potatoes'
Where milk comes from
★ Group working together ★
to achieve a common goal
London streetcar
A waiter carries one
Julia Roberts in 'Eat, ____, Love'
★ All work and none of this ★
makes Marlin a dull boy
Think ahead
Greek hymn (alt)
College administrator
★ Opposite of alive ★
Where brains are found
Take notice of
Dug the flower beds
Sea vessel storage area
Golf's ultimate goal: ____-in-one
★ Place to hang your hat ★
(or rest your fins)

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