Science Quiz / Mixed Word: Australian Mammals (A to Z)

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Can you unscramble the mixed words to name the Australian Mammals* from A to Z? (*See game note.)

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ScrambleAustralian Mammal*Sub-class - Family
GLIAE   YABALWLA   Marsupial - Macropodidae
ROBGNIRUW   TEOTBGNB   Marsupial - Potoroidae
MCOMNO   MWOATBC   Marsupial - Vombatidae
  BLEDRIB  D   Marsupial - Dasyuridae
  HECDIAN  E   Monotreme - Tachyglossidae
TFA - LIDTAE   NDURTNAF   Marsupial - Dasyuridae
RTAREGE   LIYBBG   Marsupial - Thylacomyidae
  PHOGPIN - SUMEO  H   Placental - Muridae
  TTJJAARRIII  I   Marsupial - Notoryctidae
  AAJRBNEEA  J   Marsupial - Macropodidae
  LAKURTR  K   Marsupial - Dasyuridae
GLNO - SNDEO   INDTOCBAOL   Marsupial - Peramelidae
KSYMU   TRA - NKGAORAOM   Marsupial - Hypsiprymnodontidae
  BMTUNA  N   Marsupial - Myrmecobiidae
NROAEG   AFEL - DSENO   ABTO   Placental - Hipposideridae
  YLAPPSTU  P   Monotreme - Ornithorhynchidae
  KQOUAK  Q   Marsupial - Macropodidae
NRILAGTI   SUPMOSR   Marsupial - Pseudocheiridae
CETPSLECDA   YLIGFN - OFXS   Placental - Pteropodidae
MSAANTNIA   VLEDIT   Marsupial - Dasyuridae
RADDOUNNE   COKR - LWYAABLU   Marsupial - Macropodidae
SAVPEELDSU   TBAV   Placental - Vespertilionidae
EETSWRN   OLULQW   Marsupial - Dasyuridae
  ROXMESY  X   Placental - Muridae
LOEYWL - LBEEIDL   DGIRELY   Marsupial - Petauridae
  OYZZSMY  Z   Placental - Muridae

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