Science Quiz / Mixed Word: Cartilagenous Fish (A to Z)

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Can you unscramble the words to name these members of the Class Chodrichthyes, from A to Z?

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ScrambleCartilaginous FishOrder Family (Region)
ESGALNKRAHSquatiniformes Squatinidae (Northeastern Atlantic)
KGSABIN KAHRSLamniformes Cetorhinidae (Temperate Oceans)
KRCPARESTAHOrectolobiformes Parascylliidae (Western Pacific)
EPDASEE KSAETRajiformes Rajidae (Northern Pacific)
HPNAFTLEESHIChimaeriformes Callorhinchidae (Southern Hemisphere)
DIFLREL HKARSHexanchiformes Chlamydoselachidae (Atlantic & Pacific)
TAUIFHIGRSRajiformes Rhinobatidae (Worldwide)
MRAHHDEEMA RKHSACarcharhiniformes Sphyrnidae (Worldwide)
ZUI GTRYSINAMyliobatiformes Dasyatidae (Japan)
PNAAJEES GROHKURSAHSqualiformes Oxynotidae (Japan)
TKIINFE ARHKSSqualiformes Dalatidae (Sporadic Distribution)
MOELN AKRHSCarcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae (Shallow Tropics)
NAAMT YRAMyliobatiformes Myliobatidae (Worldwide Tropics)
ENRSU SKRHAOrectolobiformes Ginglymostomatidae (Coastal Oceans)
RNATOE GDHFOSISqualiformes Etmopteridae (India)
COPPNIURE ARYMyliobatiformes Dasyatidae (Indo-Pacific)
AGQAGU TKRACAHSCarcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae (Indian Ocean)
GNDIRE PERTOODTorpediniformes Torpedinidae (?)
WHISFASPristiformes Pristidae (Worldwide, but Endangered)
RETHHSRE HRSKALamniformes Aloplidae (Worldwide)
DUUNTEAL YARRajiformes Rajidae (East Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea)
PRIVE HASRKSqualiformes Etmopteridae (Pacific Ocean)
BGOOWBENGOrectolobiformes Orectolobidae (Indian, Pacific)
CAYWLLEBKO EEGTIRSNAMyliobatiformes Urolophidae (New South Wales, Australia)
ILEZNOTA TRULFYBTE AYRMyliobatiformes Gymnuridae (India to Indonesia)
X-Ray Ray is not yet known......but I'm sure it's lurking down there somewhere

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