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QUIZ: Can you unscramble the words to name these A-Z Hoofed Mammals?

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ScrambleUngulateFamily* Subfamily (Region)
ROUHASCBovidae Bovinae (Eurasia, Africa) †
KALUCCBKBBovidae Antilopinae (Asia)
MOCSHIABovidae Caprinae (Europe)
KIDRUEBovidae Cephalophinae (Africa)
NAEDLBovidae Bovinae (Africa)
WFLOAL ERDECervidae Cervinae (Eurasia)
NRKUEEGBovidae Antilopinae (Africa)
PTMOIHPSUAPOArtiodactyla* (Africa)
APMAILBovidae Aepycerotinae (Africa)
VLIAJAENTayassuidae (Americas)
GREKPILNPISRBovidae Antilopinae (Africa)
ECWLEHBovidae Reduncinae (Africa)
CATNMUJCervidae (Asia)
LYNAABovidae Bovinae (Africa)
PAOIKGiraffidae (Africa)
OGHNPORRNAntilocapridae (North America)
AGQAGUEquidae (Africa) †
NERDIERECervidae Capreolinae (Eurasia, North America)
GAAISBovidae Antilopinae (Eurasia)
ARTPIPerissodactyla* (Central/South America, Asia)
LARUIBovidae Caprinae (Asia)
UACVÑICamelidae (South America)
DWESELTEIBBovidae Alcelaphinae (Africa)
UXBEBovidae Bovinae (Asia, domestic)
KYABovidae Bovinae (Asia)
BZREAEquidae (Africa)

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