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Can you name the 5-letter words to complete this themed word ladder?

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Hint5-Letter Word
♦ A competitor (as for the news) ♦
Of organisms thriving under snow
Pertaining to the sea-faring military
Belly-button or a type of orange
Of a church, having a type of open area
Covered a road in asphalt
Flat rock used to make a smooth path
♦ News delivered from a printing press ♦
Hamelin's famous one led the rats away
Car windshield rain-remover
Crashed (with out)
High on caffeine
Hint5-Letter Word
Tear to pieces
Attached iron bands to horse hooves
Protective footwear
Waves away, as a fly
Fire a gun
Move quickly away
♦ To break the news first or exclusively ♦
Bend over or a set of front steps
A group of sheaves (e.g. of hay)
Bird that delivers babies?
♦ An interesting news item ♦

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