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Can you name the 5-letter words to complete this themed word ladder?

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Hint5-Letter Word
☘ Leafy flavorings ☘
Groups of hoofed mammals
Coarse fibers; opposite of softs?
Large cousins of rabbits
Feels concern and interest
Superheroes' accessories
☘ Oft pickled bud ☘
Person at a lively dance party
Nile, Amazon, or Mississippi
Small dumpling cooked in broth
Opponent or competition
Relating to an area of snow
Adjective for the aquatic military
Speaking through the nose
Forming the bottom layer
☘ Leaf on Pizza Margherita ☘
Foundation of an idea
Fibers from a tree
Loads up the fishhook
Hint5-Letter Word
People from England, for short
French soft cheeses
March/April Zodiac sign
Tasty seed covers
Flowers that produce indigo
Like a doddery old woman
☘ Asian star seed pod ☘
Emerge, or become apparent
Force open using leverage
Cost of something
Pierce slightly with a needle
Spasm in the neck
Baby bird
Small crack (as in armor)
Mountain ridge or backbone
☘ New Mexican hot pepper ☘
A period of time
Largest living mammal
Type of sedimentary rock
Tremble or quake
Hint5-Letter Word
Talked in the past (arch)
Hard hit in volleyball
☘ Powdered flavoring ☘
Piece of bread
Unpleasantly thick fluid
Region with a particular climate
Make a melodious ringing sound
☘ Leaf of an onion relative ☘
Australian politician, Palmer
☘ Aromatic dry flower bud ☘
Copy exactly, as a sheep
By oneself
Make amends
UK measure of weight; 14 pounds
Where to buy these ingredients
Where water meets land
Jungle Book antagonist, ___ Kahn
Over yonder
This word ladder has one
☘ Parsley, sage, rosemary, and… ☘

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