Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Jibber Jabber

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word#
★ Recount a story: ____ a [last rung] ★01
Front of the lower leg02
Bony area below the mouth03
♡ Light discussion: ____ [#05] ♡04
♡ Light discussion: [#04] ____ ♡05
British fellow06
A ____ of thunder07
Hit with an open hand08
Thick piece of concrete09
♦ Spill the beans ♦10
Sound a lamb makes (alt)11
Musical rhythm12
It holds your pants up13
It's rung to start a boxing match14
☆ Embellish a story: ____ a [#16] [#17] ☆15
Hint4-Letter Word#
☆ Embellish a story: [#15] a ____ [#17] ☆16
☆ Embellish a story: [#15] a [#16] ____ ☆17
Gender with XY18
'Stubborn' animal19
◉ Think out loud ◉20
Drive a dogsled team21
♥ Talk lovingly and incessantly ♥22
Short burst of wind23
Oxidized iron24
Smallest of the litter25
♢ Talk angrily and incessantly ♢26
Desire something27
Benign skin growth28
Caution (someone)29
★ Recount a story: [first rung] a ____ ★30

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