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Distinguishing Characteristic(s)Species
lustrous, Maltese cross-shaped leaves
very narrow, linear, toothless and unlobed leaves
leaves with many large, rounded teeth; upland species
highly divided, pointed leaves w/deep sinuses; dry upland species
leaves w/~7 rounded lobes and deep sinuses; very common
'turkey foot'-shaped leaves w/long, central 'finger'
leaves roughly triangular in outline, shorter species
Distinguishing Characteristic(s)Species
leaves toothed w/deep sinuses; very widely planted
large acorn >50% surrounded by fringed cup
leaves w/many regular, sawtooth-like teeth
sharp-toothed leaves w/shallow sinuses and hairless underside; common
variable, sharp-toothed leaves; very glossy above & pubescent underneath
highly dissected leaves w/deep sinuses; lowland species
entire, lustrorus, oval-shaped leaves; common in OH River Valley

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