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Can you name the musicals that also have a film version?

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Dennis Dupree, Lonny Barnett, Drew Bowley2006, 2012
Enjolras, Marius, Grantiare1980, 2012
Albin (Zaza), Georges, Jean-Michel1983, 1976
Charlie Cowell, Harold Hill, Mayor Shinn1957, 1962
Riff, Graziella, Tony1957, 1961
Oliver, Fagin, Artful Dodger1960, 1968
Tevye, Lazar, Golde1964, 1971
Velma Kelly, Roxie Hart, Billy Flynn1975, 2002
Sophie, Donna, Sam1999, 2008
Christine, Raoul, Carlotta1986, 2004
Sir Lancelot, Sir Robin, Sir Dennis Galahad2004, 1975
Mr. Banks, Admiral Boom, Miss Lark2004, 1964
Maria, Liesl, Brigitta1959, 1965
Dorothy, Lion, Toto1902|2011, 1939
Nala, Zazu, Rafiki1994, 1997
Seymour, Audrey, Audrey II1982, 1986
Nathan Detroit, Adelaide, Nicely1950, 1955
Arwen, Bilbo, Aragorn2006, 2001
Curly McLain, Laurey Williams, Andrew Carnes1943, 1955
Brad, Janet, Frank N. Furter1973, 1977
Jacob, Reuben, Potiphar1968, 1999
Cliff Bradshaw, Ernst Ludwig, Sally Bowles1966, 1972
Mrs. Lovett, Johanna, Anthony Hope1979, 2007
Grace Farrell, Oliver Warbucks, Annie1977, 1982
Leo Bloom, Max Bialystock, Roger De Bris2001, 1968|2005
Eva Peron, Che, Magaldi1976, 1996
Sandy, Danny Zuko, Rizzo1971, 1978
Jesus, Socrates, John the Baptist1971, 1973
Don Lockwood, Lina Lamont, R.F. Simpson1983, 1952
Belle, Beast, Gaston1994, 1991
Billy, Michael, Tony2005, 2000
Violet, Charlie, Veruca2013, 2005
Baby, Johnny Castle, Jake Houseman2004, 1987
Harry Wormwood, Jennifer Honey, Agatha Trunchbull2010, 1996

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