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Can you name the geographical features of Ancient Italy?

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DescriptionGeographical Feature
capital of Imperium Rōmānum
port city of Rōma
Greek colony in Capānia
city destroyed in 79 AD
port city in eastern Italia
mountains running down spine of Italia
mountains in the north, separating Italia from Gallia
mountain that erupted in 79 AD
highest point in Sicilia
island in northwestern Mare Tyrrhēnum (close to France)
island in western Mare Tyrrhēnum
DescriptionGeographical Feature
triangular island southwest of Italia
sea west of Italy
sea south of Italy
sea east of Italy
straight of Messina (between Italy and Sicilia)
river of Rōma
river Julius Caesar crossed in 49 BC
region north of Rōma, where Etruscans lived
region where Rōma is
region south of Rōma
southernmost region of Italia (the toe of the boot plus Sicilia)

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