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Forced Order
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Debut Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Fanclub Name

Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dance, Visual

Main Vocalist

Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Maknae, Rapper, Vocalist

Who wasn't an original member?

Wendy's Birth Year

Yeri's Birth Year

Irene's Birth Year

Joy's Birth Year

Seulgi's Birth Year

Which members were in SM rookies (oldest to youngest)?

What was their debut track?

What was the name of their 4th mini album?

How many best new artist/rookie group awards did Red Velvet win?

Which member appeared on We Got Married?

What track got Red Velvet their first win?

Who featured in Be Natural?

Which member enjoys ironing?

What company did Wendy originally try out for?

Who was in Henry's Fantastic MV?

Who was a permanent host on Music Core?

How many wins did Rookie get?

Which member was brought up in Canada?

Who performed with Mark on High School Rapper?

Which member is known for her flexibility?

Can you guess my bias?

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