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Can you name the group by their 2017 English Lyric?

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Baby boy, dance with the devil.Female, double release.
Just tell me why.Female, 2016 debut.
Baby, I don't want nobody but you.Male, 1/3 of the group.
One more time say baby baby baby baby baby.Siblings.
Waiting all day.Male, band.
Come into me, come into me.Female, 2014 debut.
He's so dreamy, hot and creamy.Female.
I'm in the zone.Female, 'new' 4minute.
Does anyone know how it makes me feel?Female, disbanded.
Let's talk about love, let me talk about love.Male, another 1/3 of the group.
Cause I'll paint us everyday.Female, disbanded.
What did you do do doMale, 2011 debut.
Extra plus ordinary. Male, double release.
Hey boomy boomy like that.Male, 2016 debut.
Someone else!Female, doors.
Hu-hu-hurry-hurry.Female, IOI members.
WOW!Female, 2014 debut.
I'm one in a million, limited edition.Male, born to beat.
Rolling in the deep.Female, 2011 debut.
Tang tang tang.Female, top of charts.
Free, love, real, ill.Male, 2012 debut.
I'm so sorry.Male, 3rd part of series.

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