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I can smell the
I can't believe
But this is my deathbed
If I close my eyes tonight
The year was
I was 8 years old
to know that the stories
was a tale a kind mother
you see, dad was
teaching the words
My mother had sworn
and died there with honor
but he left once
which taught me
whatever I thought
I abandoned that thought
By '47
I'd acquired a taste
I smoked until I threw up
for 30 more years
so right there you have it
is what got me
I can smell the
covering me
this is
I can hear those
still haunting me
But this is my deathbed
If I close my eyes tonight
Got married
8 months before
It's easier to be
when her father inquires
The union was
No 2 people could've been
The years would go by
and I realized
From there it's
yeah, if life was a highway
I was seeing the loose ends
Yeah I swear I was destined to fail
I bowled about
A bottle of Beam
The marriage had taken
and along with my pride
I can smell the
Covering me
This is the end
sad memories
so many things
But this is
I lie here alone
I know I'll be
I was so scared of Jesus
like the cancer in my lungs
and I've given up hope
but I cling to the hope
then Jesus showed up
I thought that we
see one night in your life
you asked for and prayed for
you cried
The tears they
the blood dripped
you said
you loved that lamb
and there you wept alone
you said
sanctify this
stay with me
and on that day
I can smell the
covering me
This is
I can hear you
It's time to leave
But this was
I died there alone
you carried me
I am
follow me
and I am
embrace me
and I am
and for me
for I am love
I, I am

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