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The only living thing for which Voldemort really cares
The pet which always tries to escape
The lazy owl
First person to escape from Azkaban
The most trouble making creature at Hogwarts
The saddest ghost at Hogwarts
The only living relative of Dumbledore
Voldemort's most faithful Death Eater
Hermione's worst subject
The most evil magic
A cheater and in past a famous Quidditch player
Lockhart's first lesson was about
Snape's mother
The goblin who took Harry for the first time in his vault
The first one to suspect scabbers
One of the memories that Dumbledore showed to Harry was retrieved from a house-elf called
The strangest student at Hogwarts
The wizard who stole Blacks' things from their home
Harry and Voldemort's prophecy was predicted by
Lavender was attacked by
Fred and George's assistant in their shop
Harry's first crush
The second most dangerous wizard beaten by Dumbledore
In 5th year Neville brings a cactus with him called
The student that always blasted things
In which year Hermione punched Malfoy
The cup of Hufflepuff was destroyed by
The answer to the riddle which was asked from Harry in his fourth year
Voldemort wanted this professor on his side
Dumbledore's patronus

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