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This battle convinced foreign nations to give the Untied States aid in this 1777 war and ultimately is responsible for the growth of the world's strongest nation. France helped the US after this battle (1777)
This battle turned back Napoleon when he was the weakest and this was Napoleon's first defeat that he could not recover from. This battle led to his downfall.This happened after the failed invasion of Russia (1813)
This battle ended any hopes of the Confederate States to receive foreign aid, which they needed to win their civil war with the Union.General McClellan defeated General Robert E. Lee (1862)
This battle stopped the Muslim invasion of Europe and ensured that Christianity and Western beliefs would dominate Europe and her colonies.This was part of the 'Reconquista' of Spain(732)
This battle stopped the Persian invasion of Greece and the rest of Europe whenever Xeres' navy was destroyed. This ensured Greek culture would dominate the land for the next 1000 years. (480 B.C.)
This battle gave the Spanish empire tons of wealth and influenced the lives of 385 million people today in S. America whenever Pizarro conquered the Incan empire. This battle gave the most amount of land ever in history from a single battle. (1532)
This battle made China a communist country, bringing Mao to power.This also showed that the USSR's ally could defeat the USA's ally. (1948)
This battle was the turning point of WWII and ended Hitler's hopes of conquering Russia or any additional nations and was his downfall.This was Germany's largest defeat. (1942-43)
This battle was the last successful invasion of England and ensured it would be a part of the feudal order of Europe, rather than of Scandinavian politics.William the Conquerer became the first English monarch. (1066)
This battle marked the beginning of the end of the Ottoman empire and protected Christianity in Europe from Muslim in the Austria-Ottoman wars. This was the last time the Ottomans would try and invade Europe. (1529)

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