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Can you name these 6-letter Geography things starting with B?

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Russian lake, the deepest in the world
Autonomous region of Spain, whose largest city is Bilbao
Largest Country Of South America
Largest bay in the world, situated between India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar
Narrow body of water between Russia and Alaska
North Atlantic gulf with Spain to the south and France to the east
Croatia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, etc, are collectively known as the _______ States
North West German city on the River Weser with a population of approximately 550,000
The Indian city of Mumbai was once known as this
South East Asian island that is shared by Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia
Central American country with Belmopan as its capital
A sea of the North Atlantic, bordered by Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland
A city in Mali with a population of 1.8 million
A geographic boundary of political entities or legal jurisdiction
US State capital of Massachusetts

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