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Can you name the four letter words with z in them?

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description of word4 letter 'z' word
a woodworking tool
a call to prayer
a type of bomb
alternate of bise, a cold wind
a foolish person
sound of vibration
providing comforting warmth
a person with great power
to stun
to snooze
half asleep
to cause hesitation
to become bubbly or foaming
too ripe
alternate of frizz, to form into tight curls
to waste time
part of a military munition
frizzy hair
a long, fixed look
an exclamation
atmospheric condition obscuring visibility
a type of outer garment
a genre of music
an exclamation
to waste time
description of word4 letter 'z' word
unwilling to make an effort
a figure skating jump
a complex system of paths
like the answer to the question before this
small portions of appetizers
an attendant to a bullfighter
one who advocates Nazism
to seep
a form of pasta
a Greek alcoholic drink
traditional saying to open a court of law
obsolete term for face
short for president
a fool, idiot
a test
to tear down
to tease
an ostentatious display of elegance
how large something is
a hyperactive person
a person with great power
a skilled person
sharp turns
electrical shocks
description of word4 letter 'z' word
an ornamental container
strong eagerness
a domesticated ox
plural of 'z'
plural of 'z'
a type of protein
inmates in a Soviet labor camp
a grease fitting
sixth letter of the Greek alphabet
sharp turns
a small metallic cymbal
a metallic element
a high-pitched humming sound
moves very quickly
a type of pasta
plural of zit
larval stage of crustaceans
pertaining to animals
a region
an unfavorable card or token
to move quickly
an animal; the sole product of a single egg
plural of zoo
a Japanese sandal
an enzyme

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