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Season- PlacingAnswer
Tocantins- 16th
Tocantins- 15th
Tocantins- 14th
Tocantins- 13th
Tocantins- 12th
Tocantins- 11th
Tocantins- 10th
Tocantins- 9th
Tocantins- 8th
Tocantins- 7th
Tocantins- 6th
Tocantins- 5th
Tocantins- 4th
Tocantins- 3rd
Tocantins- 2nd
Tocantins- WINNER
Samoa- 20th
Samoa- 19th
Samoa- 18th
Samoa- 17th
Samoa- 16th
Samoa- 15th
Samoa- 14th
Samoa- 13th
Samoa- 12th
Samoa- 11th
Samoa- 10th
Samoa- 9th
Samoa- 8th
Samoa- 7th
Samoa- 6th
Samoa- 5th
Samoa- 4th
Samoa- 3rd
Samoa- 2nd
Heroes vs. Villains- 20th
Heroes vs. Villains- 19th
Heroes vs. Villains- 18th
Heroes vs. Villains- 17th
Heroes vs. Villains- 16th
Heroes vs. Villains- 15th
Heroes vs. Villains- 14th
Heroes vs. Villains- 13th
Heroes vs. Villains- 12th
Heroes vs. Villains- 11th
Heroes vs. Villains- 10th
Heroes vs. Villains- 9th
Heroes vs. Villains- 8th
Heroes vs. Villains- 7th
Heroes vs. Villains- 6th
Heroes vs. Villains- 5th
Heroes vs. Villains- 4th
Heroes vs. Villains- 3rd
Heroes vs. Villains- 2nd
Heroes vs. Villains- WINNER
Nicaragua- 20th
Nicaragua- 19th
Nicaragua- 18th
Nicaragua- 17th
Nicaragua- 16th
Nicaragua- 15th
Nicaragua- 14th
Nicaragua- 13th
Nicaragua- 12th
Nicaragua- 11th
Nicaragua- 10th
Nicaragua- 9th
Nicaragua- 8th
Nicaragua- 7th
Nicaragua- 6th
Nicaragua- 5th
Nicaragua- 4th
Nicaragua- 3rd
Nicaragua- 2nd
Nicaragua- WINNER
Redemption Island- 18th
Redemption Island- 17th
Redemption Island- 16th
Redemption Island- 15th
Redemption Island- 14th
Redemption Island- 13th
Redemption Island- 12th
Redemption Island- 11th
Redemption Island- 10th
Redemption Island- 9th
Redemption Island- 8th
Redemption Island- 7th
Redemption Island- 6th
Redemption Island- 5th
Redemption Island- 4th
Redemption Island- 3rd
Redemption Island- 2nd
Redemption Island- WINNER
South Pacific- 18th
South Pacific- 17th
South Pacific- 16th
South Pacific- 15th
South Pacific- 14th
South Pacific- 13th
Season- PlacingAnswer
South Pacific- 12th
South Pacific- 11th
South Pacific- 10th
South Pacific- 9th
South Pacific- 8th
South Pacific- 7th
South Pacific- 6th
South Pacific- 5th
South Pacific- 4th
South Pacific- 3rd
South Pacific- 2nd
South Pacific- WINNER
One World- 18th
One World- 17th
One World- 16th
One World- 15th
One World- 14th
One World- 13th
One World- 12th
One World- 11th
One World- 10th
One World- 9th
One World- 8th
One World- 7th
One World- 6th
One World- 5th
One World- 4th
One World- 3rd
One World- 2nd
One World- WINNER
Philippines- 18th
Philippines- 17th
Philippines- 16th
Philippines- 15th
Philippines- 14th
Philippines- 13th
Philippines- 12th
Philippines- 11th
Philippines- 10th
Philippines- 9th
Philippines- 8th
Philippines- 7th
Philippines- 6th
Philippines- 5th
Philippines- 4th
Philippines- 2nd
Philippines- 2nd
Philippines- WINNER
Caramoan- 20th
Caramoan- 19th
Caramoan- 18th
Caramoan- 17th
Caramoan- 16th
Caramoan- 15th
Caramoan- 14th
Caramoan- 13th
Caramoan- 12th
Caramoan- 11th
Caramoan- 10th
Caramoan- 9th
Caramoan- 8th
Caramoan- 7th
Caramoan- 6th
Caramoan- 5th
Caramoan- 4th
Caramoan- 2nd
Caramoan- 2nd
Caramoan- WINNER
Blood vs. Water- 20th
Blood vs. Water- 19th
Blood vs. Water- 18th
Blood vs. Water- 17th
Blood vs. Water- 16th
Blood vs. Water- 15th
Blood vs. Water- 14th
Blood vs. Water- 13th
Blood vs. Water- 12th
Blood vs. Water- 11th
Blood vs. Water- 10th
Blood vs. Water- 9th
Blood vs. Water- 8th
Blood vs. Water- 7th
Blood vs. Water- 6th
Blood vs. Water- 5th
Blood vs. Water- 4th
Blood vs. Water- 3rd
Blood vs. Water- 2nd
Blood vs. Water- WINNER
Cagayan- 18th
Cagayan- 17th
Cagayan- 16th
Cagayan- 15th
Cagayan- 14th
Cagayan- 13th
Cagayan- 12th
Cagayan- 11th
Cagayan- 10th
Cagayan- 9th
Cagayan- 8th
Cagayan- 7th
Season- PlacingAnswer
Cagayan- 6th
Cagayan- 5th
Cagayan- 4th
Cagayan- 3rd
Cagayan- 2nd
Cagayan- WINNER
San Juan Del Sur- 18th
San Juan Del Sur- 17th
San Juan Del Sur- 16th
San Juan Del Sur- 15th
San Juan Del Sur- 14th
San Juan Del Sur- 13th
San Juan Del Sur- 12th
San Juan Del Sur- 11th
San Juan Del Sur- 10th
San Juan Del Sur- 9th
San Juan Del Sur- 8th
San Juan Del Sur- 7th
San Juan Del Sur- 6th
San Juan Del Sur- 5th
San Juan Del Sur- 4th
San Juan Del Sur- 3rd
San Juan Del Sur- 2nd
San Juan Del Sur- WINNER
Worlds Apart- 18th
Worlds Apart- 17th
Worlds Apart- 16th
Worlds Apart- 15th
Worlds Apart- 14th
Worlds Apart- 13th
Worlds Apart- 12th
Worlds Apart- 11th
Worlds Apart- 10th
Worlds Apart- 9th
Worlds Apart- 8th
Worlds Apart- 7th
Worlds Apart- 6th
Worlds Apart- 5th
Worlds Apart- 4th
Worlds Apart- 2nd
Worlds Apart- 2nd
Worlds Apart- WINNER
Cambodia- 20th
Cambodia- 19th
Cambodia- 18th
Cambodia- 17th
Cambodia- 16th
Cambodia- 15th
Cambodia- 14th
Cambodia- 13th
Cambodia- 12th
Cambodia- 11th
Cambodia- 10th
Cambodia- 9th
Cambodia- 8th
Cambodia- 7th
Cambodia- 6th
Cambodia- 5th
Cambodia- 4th
Cambodia- 2nd
Cambodia- 2nd
Cambodia- WINNER
Kaoh Rong- 18th
Kaoh Rong- 17th
Kaoh Rong- 16th
Kaoh Rong- 15th
Kaoh Rong- 14th
Kaoh Rong- 13th
Kaoh Rong- 12th
Kaoh Rong- 11th
Kaoh Rong- 10th
Kaoh Rong- 9th
Kaoh Rong- 8th
Kaoh Rong- 7th
Kaoh Rong- 6th
Kaoh Rong- 5th
Kaoh Rong- 4th
Kaoh Rong- 3rd
Kaoh Rong- 2nd
Kaoh Rong- WINNER
Millenials vs. Gen X- 20th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 19th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 18th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 17th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 16th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 15th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 14th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 13th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 12th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 11th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 10th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 9th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 8th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 7th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 6th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 5th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 4th
Millenials vs. Gen X- 2nd
Millenials vs. Gen X- 2nd
Millenials vs. Gen X- WINNER

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