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Forced Order
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Flow of Americans into Texas which resulted in the Texans demanding for independence from the Mexican government and a revolution resulted led by Houston and Austin.
American belief that it is their destiny to expand to the pacific ocean.
Disputes over the Texas/Mexican border and the California territory occured leading to a war in which the US won.
This treaty, signed in 1847, ended the Mexican/American War. It gave the US the land called the 'Mexican Cession' which was part of 7 states.
This resolution proposed that there should be no slavery in the Mexican Cession Territory but it was never passed.
He was known as a expansionist and slave-owner, and he believed in lowering the tariff, manifest destiny, and spreading Capitalism, Christianity, and Democracy across the continent
During this rebellion, him and his followers cut the throats of southern whites in their sleep, and it resulted in no more serious emancipation talk in the south.
His newspaper, The Liberator, cause him to be beaten by northern broad cloth mobs because he demanded immediate uncompensated emancipation.
Formed by Garrison in order to demand immediate uncompensated emancipation.
Group of people formed to fight against abolitionist,and they beat Dougals and terrorized Garrison
This third party was in the election of 1848 and they supported the Wilmot Proviso, and even though they got a few votes, they changed the election in Taylor's benefit.
A black abolitionist who wrote a book about himself and he became a lecturer and icon of the abolitionist movement.
Clay's compromise that brought California in as a free state, but gave the south the fugitive slave law which allowed for the punishment of northerners who helped slaves escape.
This act repealed the Missouri Compromise and the 36.30 parallel and it led to popular sovereignty deciding if the states would come in as slave or free states.
This event took place when John Brown killed 5 pro-slavers in the Pottawatomie Massacre, and it continued when the Brook-Sumner Clash brought the issue into Congress
In this court case, the Supreme Court decided that slaves are not citizens so they can't use courts to sue for their freedom, and they are property, and property can go anywhere.
The Senatorial Election of 1858 led to these debates over the Kansas-Nebraska Act, sovereignty, westward expansion of slavery, and slavery in general.
This abolitionist tried to free slaves by seizing arms at the Federal Armory, but he was captured by Robert E. Lee and later hung when quickly found guilty
Lincoln, a Republican, won this election without getting a single vote from 10 southern states, and it led to South Carolina's threat of secession from the union.
This convention was called by a southern state in order to vote for secession or nullification of the Constitution. It led to the secession of many states.
A compromise that called for a Constitutional amendment protecting slavery, but it failed when the south and Lincoln rejected it.

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