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Forced Order
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NumberGreek NamesClues
1Has neither a mother nor a father
2Goddess of memory
3Titan, Grandmother to the twins of Mount Olympus
4Mother of the Sun, Moon, and Dawn
5aka Lord of the Light and Pillar of the east
6means 'divine Law'
7Ate his children
8Mother of the Olympian Gods
9Pillar of the South
10Titaness of Fresh Water
11Titan of the ocean
12Pillar of the North
13Lyrics, Music, Comedy, Tragedy, Dance, Astronomy, History, Hymns, Epics
14Titan of Forethought
15Goddess of Prudence (reason)
16Had a mortal fall into eternal sleep so he would stay young and handsome forever
17Rode a glowing chariot across the sky
18Married to a grasshopper
NumberGreek NamesClues
19Holds the sky on his shoulders
20Molded all of Earths animals
21Stole the Gods sacred fire
22Gave up her throne on Mount Olympus
23Her Daughter was Kidnapped
24Very Jealous Queen
25God of the sky
26also the God of Horses, earthquakes
27Had a cap of invisibility
28Forced to live in the underworld for three months, which is the cause of winter
29God of Shepherds, Travelers, Merchants, and Thieves
30Was thrown off of Mount Olympus by his father
31Loved bloodshed and War
32Was born from her father's head
33God of Prophecy, Music, Healing, Sun and Light
34Was Granted a wish to be a young and wild maiden, and would forever hunt with her hounds
35Was hated by the Queen of Gods, and was given his thrown by another God

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