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Can you name the Chappelle's Show Skits From Their Quotes?

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''Cause f***'em, that's why!''
''Condilingus Rice!, Condilingus Rice sounds like a Mexican dish, maybe we should send her over to Mexico the Mexicans can eat her!''
''You better wrap that gavel up B!''
''They rest on my arm like an eagle on a perch.''
''FUBU is now the world's largest corporation after merging with Kentucky Fried Chicken.''
'' I heard you have a sixteen inch penis.'' ''Eighteen. But who's countin'?''
''Be careful if you ever get a sleeper hold. The next day, your anus will really hurt.''
''Silky Johnson is nominated for calling in a bomb threat to the Special Olympics, man!'
'You won't feel quite the same, when you get a whiff of my hershey stains, I wanna poop on you too. I want to pee in your food.''
''Damn! Now I done heard of trimming the hedges, but you done scorched the earth!''
''It'll get you drunk! You'll be f***in fat girls in no time!'
''So long fried rice, hello fried Chicken! I love you dad! I always wanted to say this, 'fer shizzle!'''
''You know you can get another couch! What am I gonna do about my legs Eddie Murphy!?''
''Cocaine in a can baby!''
''Why don't you purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.''
''Ashy Larry, Marcy Projects. Marcy Son, what!''
''Oh, you can find that anywhere. In the hood, on the block. It's a bird, one of those that you just bring home, and wear out.''
''You don't understand, cause I make love to my hand, so I don't need you hunny, I beat my d*** like it owes me money!''
''Reach for the sky, Honkey!''
''Do I need to tell you what the f*** you can do with an aluminum tube? Aluminum!''
''Hoes Dave, Dave Hoes.'' ''Evenin' b*****s.''
''I'm not sure, but I think Mr. Mandela smoked my drugs.''
''It's 100% Cambodian yo, it's the real s***.''
''Call her Ra-Ra, call Ra-Ra! Herro Ra-Ra!''
''Look around the club, see everyone in the place showin Pac love, got a smile on my face. The girl in the mini skirt got bad taste, cause her shirt don't match, got a pudding stai

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