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Can you figure out the answers to questions from this episode of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?'

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Where does Dee meet Terrell?
Where do Charlie and Mac go to meet black people?
At what game does Charlie excel?BIATCH!
What main character is introduced in this episode?
After hearing Charlie use a racial slur while quoting Terrell, the above character compares Charlie to what 20th century leader?I'll make sure to put plenty of cream in yours.
'If I'm not in any of them and nobody's having sex, I just- I don't care.' This quote by Dennis is referring to what?
What is the name of Mac's cousin?
Mac's cousin tells Mac and Charlie they are running 'the hottest ___ ___ in Philadelphia.'
Which member of the Gang is technically not an owner of the bar?
Mac tricks Dennis into getting extremely drunk on what type of alcohol?How's that ass feelin'?
According to Terrell, nothing scares gays and black folk like what?

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