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Raised Galactus from the dead to use as his herald, created a pocket universe under the covers in his bed as a child
Merged with the Phoenix Force to become the White Phoenix of the Crown
Whispered 'No more mutants', causing all but 198 mutants to lose their powers, the daughter of Magneto
Following the events of Decimation, he brushes aside a Sentinel and walks on water in an attempt to the lead The 198 to safety
Created the Fury to kill all his superheroes in his universe so that he could create the reality he desired, was entirely insane as a result of his reality-warping powers
Traveled across the multiverse wiping out every single universe he came across, turned Doctor Doom's heart to stone, his blood to acid, and then tossed him into the Pliocene Age
Was able to absorb other mutants entirely as well as create a second sun from nothing, the fusion of consciousnesses of Charles Xavier and Magneto
The brother of Captain Britain and Psylocke, turned insane at the treatment of Doctor Crocodile and grew to be solipsistic
The son of Cyclops and Jean Grey, was able to erase the memory of himself from the entirety of the New York population and manipulate energies/the astral plane
Has dozens of split personalities all with different powers, some with the ability to warp reality and take complete control of others' bodies
The evil split personality of the Sentry, has the ability to manipulate matter and energy as well as reconstitute himself from being plunged into the sun
Professor X claimed he was the largest source of mutant power that Cerebro had ever registered, can manipulate space-time, create matter at will, and resurrect himself
The brother of Cyclops and Havok raised in the Shi'ar Empire, had the ability to manipulate and absorb energy as well siphon off the powers of others
The judge of the multiverse tasked with keeping the universe's magical energies in balance, had the ability to completely nullify the infinity gauntlet and absorb Protege entirely
The abstract physical representation of the space contingent of the universe; a cosmic entity
The abstract physical representation of the time contingent of the universe; a cosmic entity
The creator of everything; God; the most powerful entity in all of everything
The Devourer of Worlds, endowed the Power Cosmic, traveled around the universe devouring worlds in order to satiate his hunger (or quell the rise of the celestials)
An nigh-omnipotent entity, created Battleworld and was the center of the events of the original Secret Wars; his original form was the most powerful figure in the multiverse
Can use his powers to manipulate and reform all forms of matter at will, was created to act as a bomb that if detonated would destroy the universe
Travels around the multiverse with the intention of killing each universe's version of Galactus, has seemingly no limit to his power and can manipulate the fabric of reality
Coming from outside the multiverse and existing only linearly in time, eliminated almost all of the cosmic entities throughout the entirety of the multiverse
One of the last Proto-Mutants and the most powerful of them, has the ability manipulate matter and energy at a quantum level and create time pockets

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