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QUIZ: Can you fill in the words to the intro of the Prologue?

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Whan that ____
with his ____ sote
The droghte of _____
hath perced to the _____
And ____
every _____
in _____ licour
Of which ____ engendred
is the ____
Whan ____ eek
with his sweete ____
_____ hath
in every holt and ____
Tendre _____,
and the yonge ____
Hath in the ___
his halve cours ____,
And smale _____
maken ______,
That ____
al the ____
with open ___
(so priketh hem ____
in hir _____);
Thanne longen ____
to goon on _____,
And _____
for to ___
straunge _____,
To ferne _____,
kowthe in sondry _____;
And _____
from every ____ ende
Of ____
to ____
they ____,
The ____ blisful martir
for to ____,
That hem hath ____
whan that they were ____.
Intro to the General ____
of the _____ Tales
written in ____ English
around ____ A.D.
by Geoffrey _____

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