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Can you name the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson

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son of Poseidon
daughter of athena
son of jupiter
daughter of Aphrodite
son of hephaestus
son of mars
daughter of pluto
satyr in PJO
satyr in HOO
name of ship in HOO
first book in PJO
second book in PJO
third book in PJO
fourth book in PJO
fifth book in PJO
first book in HOO
second book in HOO
third book in HOO
fourth book in HOO
fifth book in HOO
where do percy and annabeth end up in at the end of HOO 3
who's blood helps gaea rise in HOO 5
how does this happen
what age did percy and annabeth meet
what was the first words annabeth said directly to percy
what does percy say after jason says a bunch of evil things
how does leo respond to percy saying he's a Leo
how do you propose to a girl in ancient greece
who is praetor at camp jupiter
son of hades
his favorite game
what does percy tell nico
name of percy's sword
name of luke's sword
leo's weapon
piper's weapon
annabeths weapon
jason's weapon
franks weapon
hazels weapon
coach hedge's weapon
grovers weapon
tyson's weapon
greatest god of all time

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