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What disease did Ellis Grey have?
Who was the first cardio attending on the show?
Which doctor enlisted in the military?
Who is Meredith's half sister who also works at Seattle Grace?
Who is the first doctor to get pregnant on the show?
What is the name of the prestigious award that Dr. Burke won without giving any credit to Cristina?
Who was the first doctor to be shot by Gary Clark?
What is the name of Dr. Bailey's husband?
What is the name of the actress who plays Izzie Stevens?
What is Callie Torres's specialty?
Where does Addison go after leaving Seattle Grace?
What is the name of the hospital that merges with Seattle Grace?
Who were the first people to move into Meredith's house?
Where was Arizona sent to after she won the Carter Madison grant?
Who is the head of neurosurgery?
Who did Ellis Grey have an affair with?
Who is the father of Callie's baby?
How many points did George miss being a resident by?
What is Lexie's nickname?
What color dress did Cristina wear when she married Owen?

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