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Can you name the Can you answer these trivia questions about the Duggar family?

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Who need stitches to repair a cut on their face from a bike accident?
Which Duggar is 'sandwiched' in between a lot of boys in the Duggar birth order?
Which Duggar's birthday is April 21st?
Which Duggar has the jurisdiction of the laundry?
What is Jim Bob's mother's name?
What did Michelle and Jim Bob name their 20th child, who was miscarried?
What language does Jim Bob struggle with learning?
Where did Jessa and Jinger go with Michaela and Erin Bates for a music seminar?
When is Jordyn's birthday?
Which Duggars are volunteers in the Tontitown Fire Department?
What did Jim Bob and Michelle follow to become debt free?
Who was Josie's roommate in the NICU whom the Duggars have kept in touch with?
Where did Josh and Anna first meet?
What colors did Anna request for Mackynzie's baby shower?
What is the name of Jim Bob and Michelle's 2nd grandchild?
Who is the middle Duggar child with 9 children above him/her and 9 children below him/her?
Who runs Champion Motorcars?
Who was the largest baby Michelle gave birth to?
Who is Jennifer's buddy?
What is Josh and Anna's first child's name?
Whose middle name is Andrew?

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